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Rotating Laser RL-H3A/H3B


The RL-H3A/H3B series is rotating lasers that inherit the features of RL-HA/HB which enjoyed a high reputation because of accurate detection of control positions by automatic leveling, waterproof design and other features. The new series features reinforced basic performance and functions.
Horizontal accuracy particularly is boosted to ±8″ for RL-H3A and ±10″ for RL-H3B for more reliable leveling in interior finishing work, architecture, construction and civil engineering. A higher work efficiency is assured when level sensors are used.

Higher horizontal accuracy
A higher accuracy compared with former models for more dependable leveling.
Automatic leveling
Auto leveling up is accomplished and a horizontal laser beam is emitted simply by installing the laser and turning the power on even if the laser main unit tilts (±3° maximum).
Three power supply sources (Option for RL-H3B)
Three power sources can be used (dry batteries, rechargeable batteries and AC power supply).
Datum references notified by liquid crystal display and buzzer
The level sensor supplied as an accessory notifies the position of laser beam emitted by the laser by a liquid crystal display and buzzer tone.
Model RL-H3A RL-H3B
Measuring Range (diameter) Approx. 2 to 700m Approx. 2 to 400m
Horizontal Accuracy ±1.9mm/50m(±8") ±2.4mm/50m(±10")
Auto Leveling Range ±3° ±3°
Light Source 690nm 690nm
Objective Output 2.0mW 0.9mW
Laser Class Class 3A Class 1
Rotating Speed 600rpm 600rpm
Battery remaining warning LED flashing LED flashing
Protection against water and clust IP56
(Based on the standard IEC 60529)
(Based on the standard IEC 60529)
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C -20°C to +50°C
Dimensions 220(L)×144(W)×241(H)mm 220(L)×144(W)×241(H)mm
Weight 2.8kg(Includes batteries) 2.6kg(Includes batteries)
Battery BT-49Q (Ni-MH) Dry battery
Battery Life (Alkaline Batteries) 120hours 120hours
Battery Life
(Ni-MH battery BT-49Q)
60hours -

Topcon original tripod

Rotating Laser RT-5Sa /RT-5Sb

Horizontal accuracy ±5″. An angle detection encoder system and fully automatic leveling mechanism unique to TOPCON assure a uniform measurement accuracy for bulldozer and hydraulic excavator work that requires a high contour accuracy.
High-gradient settings from -50% to +50% assure quick positioning on a slope. Efficient work by the fully automatic leveling function. Most suitable for machine control of a bull dozer, hydraulic excavator and other equipment.

The detachable keyboard has a remote control function. Wireless grade setting, auto shut-off, auto alignment, rotation speed change, laser output change and power ON/OFF by remote control.
Repels splashed water. The unit can be used where water is splashed and it showers.
Compliant to JIS C 0920 class IPX6 (Waterproof type)
Laser beam emission direction can be set electronically to prevent emission of a laser beam in directions other than that set by RT-5S to minimize interference when several level sensors and rotating lasers are used.
Slope reference directions and gradients are set automatically using a reflection target. Easier and more accurate installation compared with conventional methods that use a scope mounted on the laser main unit.
RT-5Sa is for dual axes setting and RT-5Sb for single axis setting.

Main Unit RT-5Sa, RT-5Sb
Measurement Range (Diameter) 1200m
Accuracy ±5″
Auto Leveling Range ±5°
Laser Power High 4.5mW / Low 1.3mW
Grade Range ±50% (RT-5Sa) / ±10% (RT-5Sb)
Revolution Speed 300/600/900/1200rpm
Battery Life (Alkaline Batteries) Approx. 40 hours
Backlight (RC-300)
Water / Dust proof IPX6
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
Light Source Visible laser (685nm)
Laser Safety Standard class 3a
Dimensions (RT-5Sa) 203(L) × 286(W) × 337(H)
Weight (RT-5Sa) Dry battery type 7.9 kg,
rechargeable battery type 8.0kg
Detective precision ±1mm (High)
±2mm (Normal)
Display 9 steps + "missed" display
One each LCD on front and back
Detective range 50 mm
Waterproof IPX6
Auto Cut Off 30 minutes
Buzzer Sound Quiet / Loud / OFF
Power Source DC9V dry battery
Battery Life (Alkaline Batteries) Approx. 80 hours
Low Battery Power Alarm LCD display
Alarm Communication with RT-5Sa / b RT-5S low battery power alarm
RT-5Sa / b Height Alert warning
Remote Display Connector ◯ (LS-70A only)
Weight 250g
Dimensions 167(L) × 78(W) × 27(H)
Remote Controller RC-300
Two-way Communication Distance 7m
Revolution Speed Change
Tilt Setting
Shutter Function
Output Change
Auto Alignment (Communication Distance 70 m)

Topcon original tripod

Rotating LaserRL-H1Sa/H2Sa

Level Sensor LS-70A
Level Sensor LS-70A
Level Sensor LS-70B
Level Sensor LS-70B

The RL-H1Sa and H2Sa with a gradient function are new additions to TOPCON's rotating laser RL-H series. For use as normal rotating lasers and more efficient and accurate work is assured in combination with a machine control product, a pride of TOPCON.

Electronic shutters
Keying operation on the laser main unit sets a laser emission range. This prevents malfunctioning on the sensor side when several rotating lasers are used at one work site.
Long battery operation duration
Battery operation duration about twice longer compared with former models. (Operation duration by alkaline batteries: 45 hours)
An environmentally friendly nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery is also used.
Three power supply sources
Three power sources can be used (dry batteries, rechargeable batteries and AC power supply).
Grade setting
Gradients can be set freely within the range of -5% and 10% by key input.
The digital display is easy to see and settings can be confirmed easily.
Wide-range 2-axis tilt sensor (RL-H2Sa)
The newly developed wide-range 2-axis tilt sensor directly measures laser main unit tilt and the set gradient, allowing setting of a 2-axis gradient in high accuracy
Water tightness JIS protection class IPX6 or higher
The inside of the main unit is reliably safeguarded against a shower and downpour during work.
<Principal Specification>
Model RL-H1Sa RL-H2Sa
Accuracy ±10" ±10"
Automatic Leveling Range ±5° ±5°
Grade Setting Range -5% to +10% -8% to +8% (Single Axis)
    |X|+|Y|≦ 10% (Dual Axis)
Laser Power 1.5mw 2.0mw
Beam detecting range 700m 700m
Rotation Speed 300/600r.p.m 300/600/900r.p.m
Operation time 45h (alkaline), 30h (Ni-MH) 45h (alkaline), 30h (Ni-MH)
Protection against water and dust IPX6
(Based on the standard IEC 60529)
Ambient Temperature Range -20 to +50°C
Laser Source 780m 685m
Laser Class Class 1 Class 3A
Weight 2.7 kg including dry batteries

Topcon original tripod

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