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New Releases

8th December 2015
New PASCAL Microsite now available!

6th May 2015   
Choke Ring Antenna
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6th May 2015   
GNSS Reference Receiver
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16th December 2013   
Donation of Ophthalmic & Medical Instruments and Surveying Instruments to Myanmar
12th April 2013
3D OCT-1 Maestro
The OCT World at Your Fingertips
27th March 2013
Deep Range Imaging – See, Discover, Explore
27th March 2013
Auto Kerato-Refractometer /Auto Refractometer KR-800/RM-800
Featuring our newest design for our refraction instruments
27th March 2013
Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-1
Full Automated one touch ergonomic design Auto Kerato-Refractometer
27th March 2013
Pascal Streamline 532/577
Green and Yellow Pattern Scanning Laser
March 01, 2011
3D OCT-2000
Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-2000 Series updated..
July 26, 2011
Non Mydriatic Retinal Camera TRC-NW8F plus updated.
June 28, 2011   
Sokkia Automated Gyro Station GYRO X determines azimuth quickly, with precision - Technology ideal for tunneling, pipelines, and shipbuilding
Digital Theodolite/ Laser Theodolite.
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World’s First “Wave-and-Read” Technology Digital Level
Imaging, Scanning, & Robotic Total Station
Dual Frequency RTK GNSS Receiver and Field Controller
HiPer II
The Next Generation, Dual-Frequency GNSS
Rugged Field Controller with Windows
Mobile® 6.5
Geodetic 3D Laser Scanner

InOptics 2016
30th January – 1st February
Mumbai, India

2nd Asia-Australia Congress on Controversies In Ophthalmology
18th – 21st February
Bangkok, Thailand

74th Annual Conference of AIOS
25th – 28th February
Kolkata, India

31st Malaysia-Singapore Joint Ophthalmic Congress 2016
04th – 06th March
Kuching, Malaysia

31st Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress
24th – 27th March
Taipei, Taiwan

3rd Asia Pacific Glaucoma Congress
14th – 16th July
Chiang Mai, Thailand

29th Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons
27th – 30th July
Bali, Indonesia

XXXIV Congress of the ESCRS
10th – 14th September
Copenhagen, Denmark

American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting
15th – 18th October
Chicago, USA

8th Multi-GNSS Asia (MGA) Conference
14th - 16th November 2016
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
Manila, Philippines

International Symposium on GNSS 2016
5th - 7th December 2016
Tainan, Taiwan

10th Asia-Pacific Vitreoretina Society Congress
8th – 10th December
Bangkok, Thailand

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