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Electronic Digital Level DL-101C / 102C


TOPCON's DL-101C / 102C takes accuracy and ease of operation to a higher level with its Advanced Image Processing Technology. The outstanding features make the DL-101C / 102C ideal for high precision applications including the performance of 1st and 2nd order leveling and deformation monitoring.

Faster Automatic Measurement
When used with TOPCON's unique patterned staff, height and distance can be automatically determined digitally by the DL-101C / 102C.
Since it's a fully automatic electronic measurement, there is no need to make an optical reading! You just sight the staff, focus, and press the measurement button. It's that simple! The results appear in the clearly visible display window after about three seconds.

Highly Accurate Measurement
The fully automatic measuring ability and digital display of the DL-101C / 102C excludes any reading errors, writing mistakes in the field book, and other possible human-made errors. Consequently, the electronic measurement data is always more precise and more reliable as compared to the conventional visual measurement.
Increased Productivity up to 50%
With TOPCON's DL-101C / 102C, all leveling work can be carried out automatically, quickly and more economically as compared to the performance of conventional optomechanical levels. This effortless and error-free measurement makes it possible to have up to a 50% increase in productivity.
5m staff
Levelling staffs of a variety of materials and length are avaiable with the special Topcon pattern to allow Digital Measurements with DL-101C / 102C.
Data Output Function
Standard RS-232C port provides an instant communications link with a data collector or direct output to a personal computer.
Objective Aperture
Field of View
Resolving power
Working Range
Setting Accuracy ±0.3″ ±0.5″
Height Measurement
Accuracy (Standard deviation for 1km double-run levelling)
Electronic reading 0.4mm w/Invar staff 1.0mm w/Fiberglass staff
Optical reading 1.0mm 1.5mm
Least Count
0.1mm / 0.01mm
(0.001ft / 0.0001ft)
1mm / 0.1mm
(0.01ft / 0.001ft)
Distance Measurement
Least Count 1cm / 1mm 1cm
Accuracy 1cm to 5cm
Measuring Range 2m to 100m (7ft to 328ft): Fiberglass staff / Aluminium staff
2m to 60m(7ft to 197ft): Invar staff
Measuring Time
3 sec.
Circular Level Sensitivity
2-line, 8-digit per line.
Dot matrix LCD with backlight
Data Storage PCMCIA card (64KB to 2MB)
Internal memory approx. 8,000 data
Data Transmission
RS-232C port provided
Keyboard Alphanumeric input
Timer Built-in-timer
Horizontal Circle 360° or 400gon
Power Supply AA size dry cell batteries × 6
[Option: Rechargeable Battery BT-31Q]
Operating Time 10 hours (Dry cell - Alkaline)
[10 hours (BT-31Q Rechargeable Battery)]
Ambient Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C [-4°F to +122°F]
Dimensions 237 × 196 × 141mm
[9.33 × 7.72 × 5.55inch]
2.8kg[6.16 lbs] (including on-board battery)
Data Card PC card based on PCMCIA (SRAM: 64K to 2M byte)
Aluminum staff SA-5M Length: 5.0m[16.40ft] (Slide Type: 3pcs.)
Fiberglass staff SG-3M Length: 3.0m[9.84ft] (1.5m[4.92ft] × 2 pcs.)
Graduation: 1cm graduation with 5mm pattern (front surface)
Invar staff SI-3/T or SI-3
Length: 3.0m[9.84ft]


Electronic Digital Level DL-103 series


Approved by Geographical Survey Institute of Japan: DL-103R/103A class 2 electronic levels

High-accuracy surveying performed by only pressing "MEAS" key after pattern staff collimation. A digital level for civil engineering execution.

Excellent resistance to environmental phenomena, including vibration, non-uniformity in lights and shades and heat haze. Waterproof structure of IPX 6.
No need to read the pattern staff scale. Uniform surveying assured without individual differences by surveyors as in the past.
Distance to pattern staff can also be measured.
Relative height difference or elevation from a control position can be displayed in the Height Diifference mode.
Four R6 alkaline batteries (AA size) can continuously power the level for 20 hours.
DL-103R (With RS-232C output)
DL-103A (With auto focusing function)
<Principal specifications>
Telescope Distance measurement (D: measuring distance, m)
Magnification 26 X W / Glass Fiber Staff ±(0.1%×D)
Objective Aperture 30mm ±10mm
Resolving Power 4″ W / Alminium Staff ±(0.15%×D)
Field of View 1°30″ ±15mm
Minimum Focus 0.9m Display section
Image erect Display 128×32dot
Automatic correction mechanism Dot matrix LCD with backlight
Working range ±10′ key (including power key) 5
Setting Accuracy ±0.5″ Circular Level sensitivity 10′/ 2mm
Accuracy (Standard Division for 1km double run leveling) Program
Electrical reading ±1.8mm
Application program Rod Height / Difference of elevation
Optical reading ±2.5mm Others
Measurement range Power Supply AA size dry battery × 4
Alminium staff 2m to 60m Operating Time Approx. 20hrs(at +20°C)
Electronic measurement Weight (including Battery) 2.3Kg
Contents of measurement value Reading of staff/horizontal distance Dimensions(mm) 196(H) × 158(W) × 232(L)
Measuring time 2sec Waterproof IPX6
Least Count
Staff 0.1mm
Distance 1cm

Topcon original tripod

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