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Laser Theodolite DT-110L

DT-110L 3mW
DT-110L 3mW
A visible-ray semiconductor laser is embedded in a digital theodolite. The same waterproofness (JIS class 6) and simple operability as in conventional digital theodolites are implemetned.
Powered by dry batteries, the theodolite can be brought to all types of work sites.
An automatic vertical angle correction mechanism of a double axis type is contained. Angle measurement accuracy is 5″. Setting and observation work of a higher level can be performed.
The laser spot diameter is 12mm at a maximum range of 300m. The laser theodolite is suitable for use in positioning work of long-distance and bridge projects.
Laser source Laser diode
Laser class Class II
Laser diameter 5m(0.2mm dia.),20m(0.81mm dia.),
50m(2.0mm dia.),100m(4.1mm dia.),
200m(10.2mm dia.),300m(12.2mm dia.)
Magnification 30x
Min. focus 1m
Angle Measurement
Minimum reading 10″/5″
Protection against water and dust IP66 (Based on the standard IEC60529)
Power supply 4 AA batteries
Battery life 28hrs (Laser use only)
24hrs (Angle measurement use only)
11hrs (Laser & Angle measurement use)
Weight 4.3Kg(with battery)

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