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Positioning Instruments
Measure level, height, plumb and slope
Electronic Digital Level
Auto Level
Tilting Level
Rotating Laser
Pipe Laser
Measure angle
Digital Theodlite
Laser Theodlite
Measure 3D position
Electronic Total Station[INDEX]
GPS+ Receiver[INDEX]
DGPS Receiver
Field Controller
Measure Area / 3D Modelling
ASM (Accurate Surface Modelling)
Positioning Instruments

The TOPCON Positioning Instruments are enjoying high reputation widely in the survey and construction fields by reflecting the electron and laser technologies and needs of the times on the products together with the optical and precision instrument technologies TOPCON has gained since its inauguration. In response to demands for high-definition 3D data in social infrastructure construction and improvement and disaster prevention projects in recent years, TOPCON is proposing a new high-definition 3D positioning system "Positioning" in expanding its business activities by merging TOPCON base technologies with machine control, image processing and GPS technologies.

TOPCON delivers positioning system products that incorporate the state-of-the-art technology to its customers, thereby contributing to construction and improvement of national land, social infrastructure and livelihood environment. TOPCON continues to research needs of the times and state-of-the-art technology to contribute to well-being of the future of mankind.

Measure level, height, plumb and slope
Electronic Digital Level >>
Auto Level >>
Tilting Level >>
Rotating Lasers >>
Pipe Lasers>>
Measure angle
Digital Theodolite >>
Laser Theodolite >>
Measure 3D position
Electronic Total Station >>
GPS+ Receiver>>
DGPS Receiver >>
Field Controller >>

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