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Pipe Lasers TP-L4 series

TP-L4 series
TP-L4 series
TP-L4 series are new pipe lasers that succeed the functions of the conventional TP-L3 series, but further enhance the basic performance. The pipe laser eliminates finishing stake and leveling string work as standards that determine the position, direction and gradient, significantly enhancing the work efficiency.
Compared with a red laser, the green laser is several times brighter and its visibility is drastically higher. This green laser is mounted in the pipe laser. (TP-L4GV/G/BG)
Laser beams can be irradiated in three directions - horizontal, up and down. (TP-L4GV/L4AV)
High-speed auto alignment function is provided to automatically align the laser beam in the center of a target to increase the setup work efficiency subsequently in laser beam positioning work.
Laser beam blinking mode is provided for easy finding of laser beam.
Waterproofness: Protection class 7 or higher in JIS C 0920. Watertight type.
Line control function to move laser beam left and right ±15%.
Grade setting (control) at a high accuracy (0.01%) and in wide range (-150% to +400%).
Full lineup of special accessories are available.

Laser oscillation
Laser source LD (laser diode)
Laser wavelength 532nm(green) 633nm(red)
Objective power 1mW(max.) 2mW(max.)
Laser class Class 2 Class 3A
Diameter of beam spot 12mm dia.
Gradient setting
Gradient range -15% to +40%(-150‰ to +400‰)
Minimum gradient setting range 0.001%
Detection method Absolute encorder
Line control
Line range ±15%
Automatic alignment
Automatic alignment range 5 to 100m - 5 to 100m -
Auto Leveling Range
Grading direction ±10%
Rolling direction Arrpox. ±4°
Horizontal accuracy ±10″
Battery Life Approx. 45hrs(DB-53) Approx. 70hrs(DB-53)
Rechargeable battery Approx. 32hrs(BT-53Q) Approx. 48hrs(BT-53Q)
Temperature range
Operating temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Protection against water and dust Watertight (JIS degree of protection 7 or more, watertight type)
Dimensioins (mm) 125×374mm dia.
Weight Approx. 3.8kg (including BT-53Q)

Upper/lower beam TP-L4GV/AV  
Laser source LD (laser diode)
Laser wavelength 650nm
Objective output 0.9mW
Compensating range  Gradient direction ±4°
Rotating direction±2°
Vertical accuracy Upper laser ±1′
Lower laser ±3.5′
Remote controller RC-200
Opeating range 200m(25m from the front or from above)
Function Marking-off function, auto-alignment (TP-L4F/L4GV/L4A/L4AV), flickering mode, laser ON/OFF, line centering
Battery A4 size battery 4
Battery source Approx. 4 months (Manganese cell),
Approx. 8 months (Alkaline battery)

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