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DGPS Receiver GMS-100


Topcon's new GMS-100 GIS data collection system is designed to make the most of your time in the field no matter what your level of GIS expertise. By combining ESRI's ArcPad software with a precision GPS receiver and real-time differential correction, the GMS-100 allows you to literally take your GIS into the field to make data collection more accurate and efficient. From natural resource mapping to building and maintaining spatial databases for large utilities, the GMS-100 is no ordinary GIS package.

The Topcon system lets you map virtually any type of feature you encounter-points, lines, and areas quickly and accurately. With ArcPad software you can easily create custom data collection windows that allow you to capture attribute data in a format fully compatible with your GIS database. Once you've collected new features, you can immediately see them mapped along with your GIS data. Back in the office there's no need to convert to GIS compatible data formats because all of your work was done in Shape file format, the industry standard for GIS.

Accurate position data is a critical element in collecting data to populate your GIS. With Topcon's advanced GPS receiver technology, positions accurate to less than sub-meter can be collected under even the most demanding conditions including under trees or in mountainous terrain. The real-time differential correction signals collected with the fully integrated radios ensure that the position you see on the data collector display reflects your actual location. This makes navigating and relocating features a fast and simple process.

The GMS-100 is available with a Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC or a ruggedized data collector for work in harsh environments. Both of these data collectors provide large, backlit displays that can be viewed under any conditions from full sun to complete darkness.

The Topcon tradition of accuracy, productivity and innovation is alive in the GMS-100 system. From the rich, intuitive ArcPad data collection software to the precision GPS receiver, the GMS-100 will help you meet all the challenges of building your GIS database.

<GMS-100 Technical Data>
Description 40 channel GPS receiver with internal power and fully integrated differential receiver(s)
Tracking Specifications
Tracking Channels 40 L1 GPS
Signals Tracked L1 C/A and Carrier
Performance Specifications
Baseline Accuracy sub-meter
Cold Start <60 seconds
Warm Start <10 seconds
Reacquisition <1 second
Power Specifications
Battery Internal Lithium-Ion batteries plus 1x external port
External power input 6 to 28 volts DC
Power consumption Less than 3.0 watts
Antenna Specifications
GPS Antenna Microstrip (zero-centered) on a flat ground plane
Differential Antenna Integrated OmniSTAR® (plus optional Beacon)
Communication Ports Up to 4 × serial (RS232), 2x standard
Status Indicator 2x3-color LED's, two-function keys (MINTER)
External Control & Display Unit iPAQ Pocket PC or ruggedized data collector
Data Output
Real time data outputs RTCM SC104 version 2.2
ASCII Output NMEA 0183 version 2.2
Other Outputs TPS format
Output Rate Up to 20 times per second (20Hz)
Environmental Specifications
Receiver Waterproof, 159w × 172h × 88d mm/6.3 × 6.8 × 3.5 in
Antenna (GPS/Omnistar) Waterproof, 200w × 200d × 69h mm/7.9 × 7.9 × 2.7 in, 0.5kg/1.1 lbs
Operating Temperature -40°C to 55°C / -40°F to 130° F

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