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Tilting Level TS-E1/Tilting Level TS-3 series

TS-E1: Class 1 level approved by Geographical Survey Institute of Japan. Most suitable for level surveying at high accuracy and precision measurement.
TS-3A: Class 3 level approved by Geographical Survey Institute of Japan. Standard survey work level with a high-performance waterproof telescope and a 40″/2mm bubble tube.
TS-3B: A level for execution with a waterproof telescope 0.5m in minimum focusing distance and lighting device. Suitable for construction works.
<Principal specifications>
Model TS-E1 TS-3A TS-3B
Objective lens 50mm 45mm 35mm
Magnification 42x 32x 26x
Stadia constant 0 0 -
Min. focus 2m 1.4m 0.5m
Main level sensitivity 10″/2mm 40″/2mm 120″/2mm
Tilting range ±8′ ±20′ ±20′
Standard deviation for reciprocating 1km ±0.2mm ±1.5mm ±2mm
Mass (Main unit/Case) 3.8Kg/2.6Kg 2.0Kg/1.2Kg 2.0Kg/1.2Kg

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