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Field Controller

Field Controller FC-100

Excellent environmental resistance
Toughness body conforming to IP66 in dustproof and weatherproof performance. Environmental resistance that allows use under severe environment at surveying, civil engineering and other sites.
Long-duration batteries
Batteries in the data collector power 19 hours enough to power site work for one day.
Excellent operability by Windows® CE. NETTM 4.2
Key operation in addition to visual operation using a touch panel. Complete wireless communication at sites using BluetoothTM.
Versatile data communication
Versatile media can be used including CF card, SD card, USB, serial communications and BluetoothTM. Excellent expansibility taking interlocking with surveying and civil engineering sensors and data interchange with personal computers.

CPU performance
CPU Intel Xscale PXA255
OS Microsoft® Windows® CE.NET 4.2
ROM 512KByte (Flash ROM) + 64/128MByte (CF Card)
Display 240×320(QVGA)Color TFT semi-light transmission LCD
Keyboard 10-keys
Input voltage 8.4V to 18V
Operating Time 19 hours
External output
Interface RS-232C(D-sub 9 pin)×1,USB(mini typeB)×1
Card slot CF card (type ll)×1, SD card ×1
External power input 1 port
Operating environment
Operating temperature range Operating temperature : -20°C to 50°C
Environmental resistance performance IP66 (Dustproof, Waterproof / Based on the standard IEC 60529)
Dimensions (H)×(W)×(D) 182×102.8×58.3mm
Weight 600g (including battery)

Field Controller FC-2000

Windows® CETM* known for ease of use is installed as OS.
Excellent environmental resistance withstanding severe operating environment in site work.
Connection to all Positioning Instruments manufactured by Topcon including Total Station, GNSS and electronic levels. The data collector is compatible to connection and control functions of cell phones, wireless modems and other communication equipment.
High-speed CPU greatly improves response.
FC-2000 provides applications of a higher operability incorporating know-how of applications that enjoyed reputation in the conventional FC-7. The application lineup is enhanced.
* Windows® CETM is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation of the United States.

CPU Intel Xscale PXA255
OS Microsoft® Windows® CE.NET 4.2
Internal Memory RAM 64MByte
ROM 2MByte (FlashROM) + 64MByte Flash disc
Display 320×240dots (OVGA) TFT semi-light transmission LCP
LED Back light illumination
Keyboard Alphabet/numerics/direction arrows/power/marks independent type 56-key
Interface RS-232C (6-pin)
RS-232C (D-Sub 9Pin)
CF Card (Type I / II)
Battery BT-62Q (Lithium ion battery × 2)
Operating Time 20 hours (Normal use)
AD-7C / 9B, BC-30
Charging time 5 hours / 3 hours
Opeating Temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Environmental resistance performance IP66 (Dustproof , Waterproof / Based on the standard)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 130 × 255 × 61mm
Mass 800g (including battery)

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