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Pulse Total Station GPT-3000series

Pulse Total Station GPT-3000series
Laser beam focused in non-prism mode! Hybrid range finder function mounted.
Distance is measured pin point in the non-prism mode using a pulsed laser that minimizes beam spreading. In the prism mode, stable distance measurement is achieved by a wide laser beam even though the prism is not facing the object straightly.
Stable and accurate pulsed laser.
The pulsed laser measures a distance correctly even though objects are not very suitable for non-prism distance measurement such as a corner of a building and beyond a fence. The pulsed laser is a safe laser in Laser class 1 and measures 250m away.
Versatile useful functions including laser pointer and point guide.
A full range of useful functions including a laser pointer that can be turned on and off as necessary, a point guide that guides the prism man to collimation direction and embedded programs that allow data recording and setting by merely operating this station.
Model Name GPT-3002 GPT-3003 GPT-3005 GPT-3007
Length 150mm
Objective Lens Dia 45mm (EDM 50mm)
Magnification 30 ×
Image Erect
Field of View 1°30′
Resolving Power 2.8″
Min. Focus Distance 1.3m(4.29ft.)
Measuring Range
Non-prism Mode (Target: Kodak White)
In low light condition and without sun glare on target 1.5 to 250m(5 to 820 ft.)
Prism Mode
Condition 1*
(1 prism)
3,000m(9,900 ft)
Measurement Accuracy
Non-prism Mode (Diffusing Surface)
1.5 to 2.5m(5 to 82 ft.) ±(10mm)m.s.e.
25m or more (82 ft. or more) ±(5mm)m.s.e.
Prism Mode ±(3mm+2ppm × D)m.s.e. D:Measuring distance (mm)
Measuring Time
Fine measurement mode 1mm: Approx. 1.2sec. (Initial 3 sec.)
0.2mm: Approx. 3sec. (Initial 4 sec.)
Coarse measurement mode Approx. 0.5sec. (Initial 2.5 sec.)
Tracking measurement mode Approx. 0.3sec. (Initial 2.5 sec.)
Method Absolute Reading
Detecting System H: 2 sides V: 2 side H: 2 sides V: 1 side H: 1 side V: 1 side
Minimum Reading 1″/5″ 1″/5″ 1″/5″ 5″/10″
Accuracy 2″ 3″ 5″ 7″
DISPLAY Graphics LCD 160 x 64 Dots with Backlight
Display Unit 2sides 2sides 2sides 1side
Including distance Measurement 4.2hours
Angle measurement only 45hours
DIMENSIONS 336(H) × 184(W) × 174(L)mm[13.2(H) × 7.2(W) × 6.9(L)in.]
Instrument(with battery) 5.1kg(11.2 lbs.)
Plastic Carrying Case 3.2kg (7.1 lbs.)
Protection against water and dust IP66 (with BT-52QA) (Based on the standard IEC60529)
Ambient Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C(-4°F to +122°F)
point guide Yes
Instrument height 176mm(6.93in)
Laser Class Class 1 (for distance measurement) Class 2 (Laser Pointer on)
*Condition 1: Sight haze with visibility about 20km(12.5 miles) moderate sunlight with light heat shimmer.

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