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Slit lamp SL-D Series

Slit lamp SL-D7

The Topcon SL-D Series is the first “true” digital slit lamp series that combines high optical performance with versatile digital capability.
The concept of the “true” digital slit lamp is based on the extensive range of optional digital capture devices that can be mounted on these outstanding clinical instruments.

Digital Camera DC-1 (Optional Accessory)
The Topcon DC-1 Digital Camera is built exclusively for the SL-D Series to provide superb digital documentation.
The DC-1 integrates the beam splitter, PC card storage and the high-resolution digital camera into one unobtrusive and compact system.
Photo Attachment (Optional Accessory)
The Topcon Photographic Attachment is specially designed for the SL-D7 and SL-D8Z to allow various DSC/CCD cameras to be used with the unique FD-21 Flash Device. The entire illumination used for image capturing is produced by a high-intensity flash tube with very short exposure time to provide superb images and additional details.
IMAGEnetTM2000 System (Option)
The Topcon SL-D Series is capable of inputting images and data into the Topcon IMAGEnet 2000 System for versatile diagnostic processing and interpretation.
Amber Filter
The SL-D Series incorporates an amber filter, which can be easily inserted or removed and improves the contrast and color depth of the images.
Galilean magnification changer with converging binocular tubes
Eyepiece 12.5×
Magnification Selection
5 steps by drum rotation Variable via continuous zoom
(Click 10×,16×,25 ×)
Magnification Ratio
(Field of View)
6× (35.1mm) Continuous from 6× to 32×
(35.2mm to 7mm)
10× (22.5mm)
16× (14.1mm)
25× (8.8mm)
40× (5.6mm)
Slit Width
Continuous from 14mm to 0mm (at 14mm,Slit becomes circle)
Slit Length Continuous form 14mm to 0mm (at 14mm,Slit becomes circle)
Slit Angle 0 to 180 degree with horizontal scanning capability
Filter Blue, Red-Free, Amber
UV Cut (Normal Use), IR Cut (Normal Use)
ND (13% Transmission), Heat Insulation
Exciter/Barrier (Factory Option)
Illumination Lamp
12V, 30W halogen lamp
Input (Primary)
100-120V, 220-240V AC

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