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Auto Refractometer

Auto Refractometer RM-8800

Auto Refractometer RM-8800
Bino Layout
Color liquid crystal display screen
Measurement results and setting information are displayed on an easy-to-view color screen.
Faster measurement
Measurement time is reduced 30%. (Comparison with a conventional TOPCON product)
Incorporated rotary prism measuring system
The rotary prism measurement system unique to TOPCON assures high measurement accuracy.
Measurable minimum pupil diameter is 2.0mm, smallest in the world
Pupils of aged people and people with long eyelashes can be measured easily.
Enlarged measurement range of astigmatism
Measurement range of astigmatism has been enlarged to Cą10.00D (from Cą8.00D with a conventional TOPCON product)

Model RM-8800
Refraction measurement range
Sphere : -25D to +22D
Cylinder : 0D to ±10D
Axis : 0° to 180°
Measurable minimum pupil diameter 2.0mm dia.
Target fixation Auto fogging
Recording of measurement value Internal printer
(10 measurement values can be memorized for each right and left eye)
Monitor 5-inch type (color character display)
Power input 60VA
Dimensions 275mm(W) × 475mm(D) × 450mm(H)
Weight 20kg
PD measurement range 20mm to 85mm Mesurement range (1mm step)

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