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ALE-5000 series

The ALE-5000 uses many new techniques to finely finish glasses.
Standard model of patternless edgers with grooving and safety beveling with polish functions.

ALE-5000 series
*Safety Beveling
*Safety Bevel with Polish
The ALE-5000 Series processes all materials; plastic, polycarbonate, high index, acrylic and glass. To minimize obsolescence, the WINDOWS-format operating system allows our software programmers to incorporate the processing of future lens materials by simple ROM upgrades. The on-board software memorizes sizing and bevel position parameters for individual materials. The ALE-5000 ensures operator confidence whether it is a low price lens being cut, or a premium lens that is being processed.
The ALE-5000SG II has a unique multi-functional arm that provides accurate and precise grooving, safety beveling and the world's first safety bevel polishing. The full range of controls provides selectable width and groove positioning and adjustable safety bevel settings. Even an inexperienced operator can achievs optimum results with the ALE-5000SG II.
  ALE-5000SG II
Polish (Bevel / Rimless) for All Organic Material
Safety Bevel
Safety Bevel with Polish
Processing System Patternless / Rimless
Processing Modes Automatic / Manual
Lens Diameter 28-95mm (Top and Bottom Rimless Frame, 18-95mm / Beveled 20-95mm)
Dimensions 500(W) × 530(D) × 430(H)m
Weight 49kg
Power Consumption 650VA

Frame Reader FR-50

Frame reader FR-50
The FR-50's precise 3D tracing system features a fully hands-free scanning device that reads 10,000 points of reference per eyewear, which provides "watch-making" accuracy.
Its automatic Soft-TouchTM frame positioning mechanism prevents frame distortion and aberration of frame dimensions. This system operates 30% faster than previous model without compromising Topcon's well-known consistent tracing accuracy.
The one-touch frame holding system secures the frame for perfect "one-axis" tracing.
The newly designed pattern/rimless holding device allows for virtually automatic measurement of pattern or rimless lenses. Inserting the device causes the measurement sensor to automatically rise.
The sensor then automatically returns to its storage position when the measurement is complete.

Measuring Method Automatic Single / Binocular Readout
Tracing Method Automatic / Semi-Automatic
(Measures : Frame / Pattern / Sample lens / Beveled lens)
Measurement range Diameter : 90mm (Top & Bottom w/Frame : 24-60mm, w/Pattern : 18-60mm)
Dimensions 280(W) × 280(D) × 180(D)mm
Weight 8kg

Auto Blocker DS-5000

Auto blocker DS-5000
The optional DS-5000 Integrated Blocking Device takes the system to the "outer-limits" of accuracy, precision and ease-of-use. The integrated blocker accepts the inputted PD and height settings from the ALE-5000 and instantly displays the correct lens blocking position.
No additional data input procedure is required. The block is placed on the geometrical center of the lens for good position and perfect edging, even with the smallest, most demanding fashion eyewear couture of today.

Auto Blocker DS-5000
Observable lens diameter up to 80mm dia.
Dimension 214(W) x 282(D) x 305(D)mm
Weight 4.4kg
Rated voltage, frequency AC 100V,50/60Hz
Input power 15VA

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