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Mirror chart MC-3

Mirror chart MC-3
The definitive compact eye chart allowing 5m examinations with an installation distance of 110cm.
Thin depth of 26.7cm. Compact and slim body mounts a 26cm x 34cm low-reflection wide screen, the largest for this class.
Four types are available. Standard 110cm, 70cm, 90cm and free installation distance. Selectable from these four types suiting layout of your store.
Spare lamp and a forward/feed switch installed in the chart are for contingencies.
Number of charts 30 charts
Masking function Horizontal line, Vertical line, Single isolation, R&G
Program function Yes
Lamp 12V 30W Halogen lamp
Auto shut-off function Approx. 10min
Rated voltage, frequency AC120,220,230, or 240V 50 / 60Hz
Input power 95VA
Main unit dimensioins 394(W) × 560(D) × 267(H)mm
Weight 18kg

Auto chart projector ACP-8


The TOPCON ACP-8 EM/R/MC Auto Chart Projector provides improved sharp and clear image projection and fast chart rotation. A cordless remote controller allows instant projection of the 30 test charts at a rate of 0.03 seconds per frame.
In addition, the ACP-8 can offer 3 x 5 character charts with a wide projection size (330 x 270) for fast and efficient testing.

Program Settings
The ACP-8 EM/R/MC can be programmed to project a specific sequence of charts for maximum flexibility and refraction ease.
Single Character Masking
The versatile masking capabilities of the ACP-8 EM/R/MC allow projection of a single character at a time.
Coupled with CV-3000
The ACP-8 EM/R/MC can be remote controlled directly with the TOPCON Compu Vision CV-3000 remote controller.This combination allows the operator to quickly and easily access all functions for general visual examination.
Refracting distance 2.9 to 6.1 m
Variable focus projection distance 2.9 to 7.1m (ACP-8 R only)
Projection magnification 30x (in 5m refraction)
Projection size 330 × 270mm, 300mm dia.
Number of charts 30
Chart change-over 1 frame / 0.03 sec.
Number of masks Open 1, Horizontal line 5, Vertical line 8, Single isolation 21, R&G 1
Mask change-over 1 frame / 0.02 sec.
Program step 2 type, Max. 30 steps available
Projection lamp 12V 50W (Halogen lamp)
Automatic shut-off After 10 minutes
Electricity AC 120,220,230, or 240V,  50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 80VA
Dimensions 226(W) × 300(D) × 245(H)mm
Weight 6.0kg

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