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Ophthalmic System

Digital Imaging Systems IMAGEnet2000

Unparalleled Image Quality and Clinical Versatility
IMAGEnet2000 is a full function , state of art digital imaging system for faster, more efficient acquisition, storage, retrieval and analysis of all types of ophthalmic images;
# Digital Fluorescein Angiography
# Digital Color Fundus Photography
# Digital Red Free Photography

IMAGEnet2000 incorporates a full range of image enhancement programs that can be of great help in precisely evaluating more difficult pathologies.
Imaging tools


Adjust contrast

Box Enhancement


Measure image

Compare images

1024x1024 FA/ICG & 800x600 Color system
Retinal Camera TRC-50IX
Triple mount TV relay lens
Color 3 CCD camera
B/W Digital CCD camera
ICG Alignment CCD camera
IMAGEnet2000 system package
PC system monitor
Color Printer

IMAGEnet2000 800x600 FA/Color system
Retinal Camera TRC-50EX
Single mount TV relay lens
Color 3 CCD camera
IMAGEnet2000 system package
Color Printer
PC system

IMAGEnet2000 Viewer
Being connected with the network, images captured by the IMAGEnet 2000 can be observed by the IMAGEnet 2000 Viewer. It is especially useful for the laser surgery room, documentations, etc.

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