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Operation Microscope OMS-800

An ideal choice for all types of ophthalmic operations form cataract to vitreous surgeries.
OMS-800 series offers unsurpassed optical quality for today’s ophthalmology procedures.

Operation Microscope Model OMS-800
<OMS-800 Series Line-up>
OMS-800 Standard : Basic class microscope for cataract surgeries
* 3-direction illumination system provides excellent red-reflex and fine shadow contrast.
* Apochromat-designed optical system is adopted for superb image quality and unparalleled depth of focus, and still requires little illumination intensity.
* Stain-proof coating is adopted on eyepiece and objective lenses for easy maintenance.
OMS-800 PRO : High class microscope for cataract surgeries
* In addition to the features of OMS-800 STANDARD, OMS-800PRO is equipped with electromagnetic locking system and dual-motorized focusing system.
OMS-800 OFFISS : First-class microscope for cataract and vitreous surgeries
* One-touch storable OFFISS system is integrated into OMS-800 main microscope.
The innovated OFFISS system (Optical Fiber Free Intravitreal Surgery System) opens up the new possibilities to achieve true bimanual vitrectomy.
By eliminating the need for fiber optic illumination, the surgeon is now able to use both hands for manipulating surgical instruments during vitrectomies.
Electromagnetic locking system, dual-motorized focusing system, built-in stereo-variator and slit-illumination are prepared in order to maximize the effect of OFFISS system.
<Optional Accessories>
* 0 degree Assistant’s Microscope
  * TV Relay Lenses
  * Sterilized Cap Set
  * Optional OFFISS Lens Unit
 Microscope type  Galileo type
 Variable magnification method  Continuous zoom
 Eyepiece lens (variable power) 12.5 x
 Objective lens  f=200mm
 Total magnification  4.2 x to 21 x
 Power voltage  AC120/220-240,50/60Hz
 Weight  249kg(OFFISS)

Operation Microscope OMS-90

Compact base and wide stroke allow installation in narrow place and near low bed

Operation Microscope OMS-90
The newly designed illumination system of the OMS-90 assures the finest optical performance. The optical system has been fitted with a new and innovative design that allows the surgeon to view a sharper image, with more clarity than ever before.
The newly developed stain-proof coating is applied to help retain a clear viewing area. The focal length (F=200mm) provides the standardized comfortable working distance.
The flip in/out yellow filter is built into the system to allow full protection against retina phototoxicity.
The new sturdy and compact 740mm(30″) diameter base is designed for optimal use of limited operating room floor space.
Binocular tube Parallel 45° inclined binocular tube
Objective lens F=200mm
Eyepieces 12.5x
Magnification change type Drum type with 5 changes
Total magnification 3.4x, 5.3x, 8.5x, 13.6x, 21.2x
Field of view 66.3, 42.3, 26.3, 17.1, 10.3 mm dia.
X-Y Translator (option) Range:±25mm
Light source 12V 120W halogen lamp (light guided system)
(one-touch changeable two lamps)
Filter Built-in: Heat-absorbing and UV cut filters
Flip-in/out: Yellow filter
Length 1st arm: 400mm; 2nd arm: 560mm
Rotational angle 1st arm: 360° ; 2nd arm: 300°
Base dimension 740mm(30″) dia.
Primary voltage AC100 to 120V or AC220 to 240V
Power frequency 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption 210VA
Weight 97kg

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