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Computerized Tonometer CT-80

Computerized TonometerCT-80

Dual sensor system assures high-level measurement of intraocular pressure

Dual Sensor System
TOPCON's Accurate Measuring System
The TOPCON CT-80 takes its original measurement method using two sensors; one for light and one for pressure.When the air puff applanates the cornea a light sensor detects the applanation moment, while at the same time another sensor monitors the internal chamber to obtain the intraocular pressure.
Triple Safety Function
A Focus on Safety
The CT-80 features an innovative triple safety function. First, an adjustable safety stopper may be set by the operator.Second, a "too close" display on the monitor guides the user in alignment. Third, an audible warning buzzer informs the operator if the cornea and the instrument are too close.
30% Faster Interval Time
Fast and Easy Measurements
The CT-80 provides easier and faster operation with the aid of a new alignment bar and an improved air cylinder. The interval between measurements has been reduced by over 30%, so that patients may be examined more comfortably in a shorter period of time. Once the alignment has been completed, the resulting data are automatically measured and displayed.
Built-in Self Check Function
The CT-80 lets the operator know in advance when maintenance is needed. It displays a warning message on the monitor when a lens is dirty, and also which lens it is (the measurement glass or the chamber glass).
Model CT-80
Measurement Range 0 - 60mmHg [0 - 30mmHg/0 - 60mmHg (Selectable)]
Working Distance 11mm
Measurement Display TV Monitor Screen
*R / L change over --- automatically detected and displayed.
*Up to three measurement of each eye can be displayed and printed out.
Measurement Recording Built-in printer
Measurement Mode Auto / Manual (selectable)
Alignment When the alignment luminous spots are within the inner alignment mark,
* In Auto Mode : measurement is automaticaly activated
* In Manual Mode : alignment will change from a broken box to a solid pattern when proper alignment is achieved, and depressing the switch on the omni-directional joystick activates the measuring cycle.
Error Indication When the measurement signal is not strong enough, IOP value is indication in ( ) or just 'ERR' is displayed.
Adjustable Safety Stopper Minimum distance between the front of the instrument and the patient can be established in advance.
Operating Temperature 10°C to 40°C
Base Travel 44mm (back & forth) / 88mm (left & right) / 28mm (vertically)
Chinrest Vertical Travel 68mm
External Output Terminal RS-232C
Power Supply AC100 - 120V, 220 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 80VA ("Auto-shut-off" : power saving mechanism adopted)
Dimensions 272(W) × 505(D) × 430 - 458(H)mm
Weight Approx. 18kg

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