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History of Topcon

Sept. 1932

TOPCON was established based on the surveying instruments division of K.Hattori and Co.,Ltd. (currently Seiko Corporation) in order to manufacture the optical instruments for Japanese Army, which are surveying instruments, binoculars and cameras.

Corporate Name: Tokyo Kogaku Kikai Kabushikikaisha (Tokyo Optical Co., Ltd.)
Head Office: 2, Ginza 4-chome, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo
Factories: Toshima and Takinogawa-ku, Tokyo

Apr. 1933 Built head office and main factory at 180, Shimura-motohasunuma-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo (current address) and moved head office functions there
Aug. 1945 Temporarily closed factories after the end of World War II. Received authorization from Tokyo governor to convert the factory for production of civil products and reopened factory to manufacture binoculars and Surveying Instruments.
Dec. 1946

Established Yamagata kikai kogyo kabushikikaisha. (currently Topcon Yamagata Co., Ltd.) in Yamagata-shi, Yamagata Prefecture.

Dec. 1947 Listed its stock on Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
  Started selling lens meters. Started Ophthalmic and Medical Instruments business.
Mar. 1960 Became an affiliate of Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co,Ltd.. (currently TOSHIBA CORPORATION).
Feb. 1963 Started selling a single-lens reflex camera "TOPCON RE Super" adopting TTL.
Oct. 1969 Established Tokyo Kogaku Seiki Kabushikikaisha (currently OPTONEXUS Co., Ltd.) in Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
Apr. 1970 Established Topcon Europe B. V. in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Sept. 1970 Established Topcon Instrument Corporation of America (currently Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.) in New York, U. S. A. (currently New Jersey State).
Jan. 1975 Established Topcon Sokki Co., Ltd. (currently Topcon Sales corporation), a surveying instrument sales company.
Dec. 1976 Established Topcon Medical Japan Co., Ltd., an medical instrument sales company.
Apr. 1978 Started selling a electric distance meter DM-C1 adopting a near-infrared.
Nov. 1978 Started selling a refractometer RM-100 incorporating near-infrared beam and a television system.
Apr. 1979 Established Topcon Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
Apr. 1986 Established Topcon Optical (H. K.) Ltd. in Hong Kong.
Sept. 1986 Listed on First Sections of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
Jan. 1989 Established Topcon Australia Pty. Ltd. in Australia.
Apr. 1989 Changed its corporate name to TOPCON CORPORATION.
Apr. 1991 Acquired electron beam business.
Dec. 1991 Built an engineering center in corporate premises.
Mar. 1994 Surveying Instrument Division obtained ISO 9001, certification. (Ophthalmic and Medical Instruments, Industrial Instruments and Optical Devices Divisions also obtained ISO 9001 certification subsequently)
Sept. 1994 Acquired Advanced Grade Technology and established Topcon Laser Systems, Inc. (currently Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.) in California, U. S. A., and advanced into machine control business.
Oct. 1994 Delivered a nationwide GPS continuous observation system to Geographical Survey Institute, Ministry of Construction, Japanese Government
Sept. 1997 Obtained ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environment management systems.
July 2000 Acquired Javad Positioning Systems Inc. in the United States and started selling precision GPS receivers and related system products.
July 2001 Established Topcon America Corporation in New Jersey, U. S. A., as a holding company. Reorganized the subsidiaries in the United States dividing them into the ophthalmic and medical instrument business and the positioning business.
Apr. 2002 Established Topcon Finance Corporation.
July 2002 Liquidated Topcon Singapore Pte. Ltd. and established Topcon South Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
Oct. 2003 The Optical Devices Division was spun off from the Industrial Instruments Division following expansion in demand for optical parts. The number of TOPCON divisions had increased from three to four.
Feb. 2004 Established Topcon (Beijing) Opto-Electoronics Corporation in Beising, China.

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