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Business Outline

Through its activities of the manufacturing and the sales of optical products, TOPCON has developed the optical and digital technologies since its establishment.

Positioning Business is one of our core businesses developing with the advance of the optical and surveying technologies since its establishment. TOPCON is one of three top manufacturers of Positioning instruments in the world. Recently, TOPCON is developing new technologies integrating its backbone technologies, which are Machine Control, Image Analysis and GPS technologies.

Eye Care Business can be divided into Medical Products and Ophthalmic Products. In both fields, TOPCON is known as one of the leading company in the world.General demand for eye-care will increase further under the progress of the information society and the aging society.

Business segment

Product category

Major products

Positioning Business

*Surveying Systems
*GPS Surveying Systems
*Laser Instruments
*Equipment Automation Systems
*Image Measurement Systems

GPS+Surveying(GPS+Reference Station System,GPS+Monitoring System, MILLIMETER GPS).
Digital Image Surveyor, Total Station (Non-Prism Total Station,Auto Tracking Total Station,Imaging Total Station).
Field Controller,Level,Theodolite,
Rotating Laser,Pipe Laser

Eye Care Business

*Ophthalmic Diagnostic Instruments
*Ophthalmic Treatment Instruments
*Ophthalmic Management Systems
*Refraction Instruments
*Lens Finishing Instruments

Retinal Cameras,3D OCT,
Tonometers,Slit Lamps,Operation Microscope,Laser Photocoagulator,
Specular Microscope,Digital Imaging System IMAGEnet,Electric Carte System for Ophthalmology e-Carte,
PSF Analyzer,Lens Edger, Subjective Auto Vision Tester,Bino Vision Analyzer,Auto Refractometer,Auto kerato-Refractometer,Trial Lens Unit

Strengths of TOPCON
1.Optical technology covering a wide spectrum of wavelength
Only limited companies in the world can possess this technology. Our unique technology enables us to provide a broad range of solution to the customers.
2.High-global business : Overseas sales accounted for approx 70% of total sales of TOPCON
(Fiscal 2005 consolidated basis)
Approx 70% of total sale of TOPCON in fiscal 2005 was made overseas. This figure indicates that TOPCON is truly global in its business activities, with supported a number of bases throughout the world.
3.No.1 products in the worldwide market
Electronic Total Station, which has maintained a large share in the worldwide market because of its functionality, performance, cost performance and variety, in Positioning Business.
IMAGEnet, which is the first product commercialized in the world and had established the real standard for ophthalmic image filing systems in the Eye Care Business.

Key Strategies
1. Focus on consolidated group management, information-sharing and speedy management.
2. Reinforcement of profit-making structure by all group companies and all business segments
*Cost structure reform
*Cost down on procurement
*Maximization of asset management efficiency, and minimization of fixed cost
*Improvement of productivity (Companywide and groupwide productivity)
3. Entry into IT and growth markets, fostering of next-generation businesses
*Securing of growth engines
*Fostering of next-generation businesses
4. Reinforcement of its business power through collaboration with leading companies or organizations, and Speedy management
*Speedy management
*Improvement of use of capital
5. Reform of corporate culture through fostering of personnel and business activation
*Human resources are the key to company growth
*Companies with high-morale employees are winners

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